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I feel like shit.

The Luna Lovegood essay thing, they redid the semi-finals (the school one) of it because a lot of people were absent. (Flu season and all.)

So I had to read it again, but in front of different judges.

And I've been denied the chance to represent my school in the finals.

Maybe it's the fact that it was only supposed to be four hundred words...I HAD THAT! Plus an extra frigging 1,000.

They were so fucking rude too. I was two paragraphs away from finishing and they suddenly started clapping, I wanted to lunge at them, but had to stick with saying "I'm not done." It was so embarrassing, everyone was watching.

When I went skating on Tuesday, my teacher video taped the whole thing...and we watched the movie on Wednesday, and I just realized how beastily ugly I look.

This all happened yesterday, but I was too lazy and busy-feeling-like-shit to type this yesterday.

And judges: fuck you.
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