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Boom Shacka Lacka

Two weeks of winter break!

I feel so happy and giggly. Ahh, yesterday I got the most dahlin presents in the world. I feel so loved. By my hunger is overpowering my lovedness. *waits for the mom to come home with McDonalds* Guess what I got? *answers without anyone guessing* The most dahlin (whee, I love that word) jewerly box and the most gorgeous Christmas charm to go with it! Fine, I admit it, no one gave me the purdy eighteen dollar charm per say. I had to play white elephant to get it.

If you do not know how "White Elephant" works: You bring a gift all wrapped up so no one knows what exactly is inside. Then all the gifts brought by everyone are stacked in a big pile. You decide who goes first by picking sticks or whatever is needed. The first person can pick any gift in the pile but s/he cannot shake it to see what's inside. Then that person has to unwrap it and show everyone what they got. Let's say it was a CD player. It's the second person's turn to choose a gift. The second person's gift can steal the first person's gift or take it away from them. But then the first person gets another turn to pick another gift once again. Once a gift is stolen three times, it can't be stolen again. Let's say the CD Player was stolen another time, and then another. The person that has stolen the CD Player the third time gets to keep it without worrying that anyone would steal it. But if you steal a gift, you never know that there was a better gift in the pile of wrapped/mysterious presents.

Those are the basic rules and crap. It was so hilarious. My gift was a purse and one of my guy friends got it and no one stole it from him. He ended up giving the purdy purse to his teacher so that his teacher could give it to her niece. I ended up with the charm obviously. It's so beautiful. It came from Macy's and is eighteen dollars. It says "Noel" in realistic diamonds which is French for "Christmas." It has a stocking, a Christmas tree, a candy cane, and a snowman along with it. Must I say that it's so pretty once again? *audience shakes their heads* FINE THEN.

The jewerly/music box is my precious. *pets it* I obviously put the charm in it. It plays a beautiful tune if you wind it up and I never get tired of hearing it. I even put a fake flower in it to give it that oomph. There's even a mirror on the inside top. The jewerly box is a black with a couple of metallic red patterns. There are three small silver rainbowish butterflies on the top and there are three secret hiding spots. I put memorable things from my school year in one of the secret hiding spots. I need more jewerly to put it in my jewerly/music box.

I also got some other small things for Christmas gifts like this cute tiny gem embedded rose pin. That went in my jewerly/music box too.

I love my Christmas presents. They're not exactly Christmas gifts, they're gifts just before winter break from friends, but nevertheless.  I, myself, gave some presents too...I feel so good whenever I do. "Thank you, Riley."

I'm getting hungrier as I type this.

I'm still excited when I won the best essay out of my class. But then I'm even more anxious and nervous because then I move on to the semi-finals which is all the other essays that are the best out of all the other classes. I shall die if I make it to the finals and challenge other districts. I would seriously pass out since honestly, I don't think I have the talent to win. *sigh* I still think my teacher has made a terrible mistake picking me.

I'm now cold and hungry, a terrible mix.

I want my hot french-fries now.

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