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For Once: I'm Truly Happy

I can't even describe how I'm feeling.

The Luna Lovegood essay I worked my arse off on: it was all worth it in the end. I got an A, apparently. One essay out of every classroom in my school gets to go into the next round. Where the essays from each classroom challenge each other. Then, the top essay in the whole school gets to challenge other districts. And I made it, I'm not a failure. And this girl in my class who is so disgustingly perfect, I always feel envious of her, it feels good to know she lost to me because after losing to her so many times, class president, etcetera. I feel so happy.

I don't have to go to Friday school. You might be wondering what the hell is "Friday school." Of course everyone has school on Friday. But if you have slipping/bad grades or have more than one missing assignment, you get to go to a party. Pfft, not. You have to stay at school for an extra seven hours to pick up your grades by doing extra credit or finish up your missing assignments. I don't have to go and am extremely chipper and pleased with myself. Also; when I came home...there was more cake.

 I wish I was happy like this every day.

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