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Gah...I do not get how popularity works. On the boards, being in love with Justin Timberlake would make you well...a loser...and a "prep" as these stereotypers...um...stereotype. But then, at my school, having an infatuation with Justin Timberlake is what makes you popular, apparently, what's "in." Scary...isn't it?

I shall now compare the Harry Potter boards and ny school.

Harry Potter boards: swarming with fangirls.

My school: Even more fangirls

Harry Potter boards: Very few people who like N*sync (is that where the star goes?)

My schoool: Knowing the birthdate of everyone in this boy-band makes you extremely popular...I dunno why

Harry Potter boards: usually has good taste in music

My school: N*SYNC. DESTINY'S CHILD. BACKSTREET BOYS. Even my teacher likes Backstreet Boys and a Christina Aguilera song!

Harry Potter boards: you have the right to be yourself.

My school: You must either be a gangsta who likes rappers (hehe...which is funny), or a giggly slut... I'm the outcast...shame they don't have a category for me

Harry Potter boards: Great writes...some

My school: Writes with netspeak that doesn't even have a plot...even though they're not on the internet.

Harry Potter boards: ...I must bring up the music issue again.

My school: Likes music that talks about a twelve year old having a baby...

More comparing later...too tired.

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