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Ooompa Loompa < -- How short I feel

First entry! I know you are so excited! *snort* Anywho, I feel so effing frustrated. Argh. Tomorrow I have an essay/entry on Luna Lovegood and there's big contest. My teacher is counting on me, he's all, "You're my ticket to winning this year." Like I have enough pressure. To top that, I have to present it tomorrow, but if I'm lucky, (which I have never experienced before...) I won't have to present it. I have been trying to memorize it and speak it out loud since I came home from damn school. Now my voice is sore and I sound sick. I am sure I will get a 0 for speaking clearly tomorrow now. School reeks. If my essay does turn out to be the best essay (which I highly doubt), that just means more pressure as I go in the next round. My teacher will be mighty disappointed when my essay turns out like shitty crap. Christmas is coming! I have found my missing Santa Claus sock. I'm going to make gingerbread houses soon. ^_^

I have been on such a sugar-high today. So much cake, and brownies. I feel so hyperactive. Sugar good. My leg has an attachment to being numb.
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