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Cahoots reek.

Oh yes they do.

Yeah I feel bad about blurting this on a Live Journal but I can't get this off my mind and hey - that's why Live Journals are for.

Well if you know me on MSN...you know I tend to be, er - immature. That's the understatement of the year. Well I get another email and then team up with Miss Brie to scare the crap out of people...mainly Jess, because she's easy to scare. The other people I just confuse. I got this idea from Brie who did this to me on AOL Instant Messenger. But I twisted it around more. Like Brie would get on my MSN email and pretend to be me while I be me, just on another email, and say weird things and creep people out...then they would have to guess what was my idenity.

As Jess tells it, she and Rin tried to get revenge. First, Jess just acted creepy on her regular MSN email...really creepy. It was a one-time deal I presumed. Then these two people with these emails: the_hole_in_my_socko and the_hole_in_my_sock added me and they invited me to this convo and they seemed to have multiple personalities. They freaked me out. I guessed they were Brie and Rin...but they didn't tell me their idenities.

I began figuring it out though. I found a lot of evidence to guess that one of them were Jess again. The other person: I was iffy that it was Rin. Mainly because Jess said the word "cahoots" earlier on and then the person who added me said "cahoots" again...and it was about Rin and stuff. I wasn't so sure about Rin though, not that sure, because she wasn't as obvious as Jess.

I told Brie about the convo...and we tried to be detectives. I cornered down Jess and she admitted that it was her and Rin. I was so furious. But still, since of the tricks and all, I didn't really believe it was Rin...I dunno why. I joked around about going to get revenge but I really didn't have a plan. At all. I thought nothing of it.

But then today Brie told me that it really was Jess and Rin because they supposedly wanted Brie and Kelly to join them in killing me and making me shit my pants. Then we started to plot against them. I am really tired so I'll just list it out of what happened next.

1. Brie and I got on Rin's and Jess's sock and socko email and discussed our plans further on there.

2. We decided to freak out Rin and Jess by adding them on their own emails and switching personalities and crap...almost like what they did to me.

3. We got a third person in on it, who was Chrissy, even though I don't know jack about her, don't know her really well, and as I recalled last time we tangoed, she didn't really like me much...I made an email for Chrissy anyways which was the_hole_in_my_socky.

4. We waited for Kelly, Jess, and Rin to get on.

5. Brie IMed Rin and Rin figured it out.

6. Rin's pissed at Brie and I think she's pissed at me...but I should deserve all of the blame since I started the whole thing...okay audience, you may now nod in agreement

7. Rin thought I was the_hole_in_my_socky. I made the email, but it wasn't me. Why did she think that? Because when Chrissy got on the socky email, she put her MSN name as "Riley." I was confused about that and asked her. But Chrissy acted like she didn't know it said "Riley" for her MSN name. I think she was trying to frame me or something...but I dunno.

8. Yelling. Blaming. Yeah...and now I'm here typing this.

Rin: I ask you to take your anger out on me...blame me...then all would be good...I hope...and then we can live in cheesy harmony!!

Brie: Tell Rin to blame me!! I wouldn't hold it against you if you did, for it was purely my fault...BLAME ME DAMN YOU! ...lol

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