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Anne Rice kicks arse.

I don't know if I mentioned this before and I'm too lazy and enthralled in this book to check. One of the twenty two books I borrowed from the library was Queen of the Damned by Anne Rice. I've been hearing some fantabulous things about Anne Rice and I found this book in the Young Adults section (no it doesn't have porn in it...ew! I thought you know me better than that...because of use of language and such) of the library poking out. It's a dark and yet wonderful book.

And quite amusing, with a vain vampire that talks about him liking to be in first person in the first Prologue-y part of it. Hee...I'm hardly one fourth of the way through it. Now I'm going to try to find Interview with the Vampire and the book before this one which I forgot the title of.

This book blew me away. If you ask about it and what it's about and such, I'll tell you a little about it, then peer pressure you to buy the books or check them out from the library...BOOK DISCUSSION! Like the one I had with Jessie/Leapfroggy/Alise/Idenity Crisis Person with The Giver! I'll take a break from it...eventually to work on the layout of this Live Journal.

I want to see the movie for it now...but I have a feeling Lestat will scare me.

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