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I think I will crack when it comes to books.

Seriously, though.

I think it was out of spite that I went to the library today and checked out, 1, 2, 3, - 22 books. You might ask how. Well, we have this system in my school, and when it comes to reading, it's like a competition. I'm in second place. Guess who is in first place? If you can't guess, tsk tsk you, you haven't been reading my ranting!!

I used to be first place when it came to reading in my school - but then it got stolen away from me several times. Now I'm determined to steal it back and keep my place. I sound like such a bitch. The girl that is currently in first place when it comes to reading didn't suddenly borrow twenty two books from the library one day. She paced herself. And here I am, the diabolical bitch - next to Miss Brie of course - rushing my skills to try to read all these books before winter break is over and I go back to that horrid hell we call school.

I felt so left out - everyone was going to the Lord of the Rings movies and saying how the third movie, Return of the King, rocked. I have never read a book in the Lord of the Rings series or saw a movie made from them. I guess it never sparked my interest. I tried to read the Two Towers a year ago since I couldn't find the Fellowship of the Ring, but since I had no fucking clue what was going on and it bored me, I gave up without the first ten pages.

But I have decided to take the challenge again. One of the twenty two books I checked out from the library is The Fellowship of the Rings and I will read it - eventually. Right now I'm reading The Slippery Slope from The Series of Unfortunate Events for fun...hee, this is such an amusing series.

Erm...yes, that's my unholy story. So if you instant message me on AOL Instant Messenger or MSN...don't expect a fast chat, more of a slow one, where if you turn on Audio with me, you hear the flapping of pages.

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