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I fell on my bum yesterday!

I was too lazy to make this an entry yesterday, so....

Yesterday I went out to ice-skate. I can't say it was fun per say...more like, slippery and painful. I fell on my bum two times. I think my arse is still sore from the experience. Well it was still a lot of fun. I wore my special Santa hat and had to rent three pairs of ice-skates before I could find ones that actually fit! It was quite painful trying on the first pair which were way too small.

It's more different than hockey, hockey has those nice thingers that balance you out. With ice-skating, the only thing that is there to balance you is the rail and yourself. Oh Daniel's hair, I saw the most amazing thing while I was ice-skating. When I went to take a rest on a bench, I was just adjusting myself to the ice-skates when I heard whistles and "Whoops!"

In the middle of the arena, I saw this man and woman. I thought they were professional skaters or something that were going to do some tricks. But I was way off that prediction. The guy was proposing to her. The diamond glinted in the sun and they hugged and kissed...it was so heartwarming. It was indescribable. I wonder if that woman is going to be me in a few years... Pssssh, like anyone would want to propose to me. I have no social skills so I live under a rock anyways.

The whole ice-skating incident enchanted me. How that guy would take her to the middle of the arena and then just get down on one knee and propose to her, just like that. I guess that four letter word can overcome many, many things.

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